Arena of Doom by Shaw

The Arena of Doom has been implemented as a kind of ranking list for the best of the best PvM players on Ekstasia. In this Arena you have to have strong equipment and a certain amount of skill. There's no end, it's the amount of survived monster and boss waves that counts. There is no limit to the number of waves, but they get stronger from wave to wave.

The arena is accessible from Monday 00:00 CET to Sunday 23:59 CET to participate in the weekly leaderboard. 

Each player can enter the arena as often as he wants and free of charge at the Battle Bailiff
The top 10 players are displayed on a ranking list at the Battle Bailiff

The best of each race will receive a 7-day Hwang Costume at the end of each week with the following standard bonuses:
1000 HP, 10% Strong against Monsters, 10% Strong against Metins & 10% Strong against Bosses.
In addition, this costume can be enhanced with up to 3 additional bonuses.

The wings shown above are part of the first week's prize.
They are unique and have been won by exactly 3 players.
These wings will never be available again!