Talisman-Guide by Shaw

Talismans are an essential part of your equipment while fighting against bosses. Each boss has one of 6 different elements. A talisman of the same element supports yourself against this boss. The following is a list of all existing elements:

Upgrading talismans not only increases the basic bonus, but also allows you to add special bonuses at certain tiers.
The following is a list of the upgrade process and the maximum number of bonuses that can be added per tier:

To add a bonus, a Talisman Adder Talisman Adder is required. You can get it from the General Store and several bosses. To change the added bonuses you need Talisman Changer Talisman Changer, which are also available at the General Store and various bosses. The following is a list of the bonuses that can be added:

Elementary Talisman
Once you have all your talismans at level 50, you can craft a Elementary Talisman Elementary Talisman at the Master of Elements.
You need every talisman at level 50 and 10x Magical Gem Powder Magical Gem Powder.

Gem Stones
You can also use Gem Stones to strengthen your talismans even more, no matter if they are elementary or normal talismans.
To add a Gem Stone you need a free Gem Stone slot. You can unlock it by dragging a Gem Crystal Gem Crystal onto your talisman. The maximum number of slots for Gem Stones is 3.

There are 10 different Gem Stones:

You will get them exclusively from the Bag of Gems, which you can craft at the Gem Blacksmith.
Rough Gemstone Rough Gemstone can only be obtained by finishing Missionbooks starting at Expert.