Soul System by Shaw

Soul System

Our Soul System is made of 2 different souls. On the one hand the Oneiric Soul Oneiric Soul, which is used in the fight against monsters, on the other hand the Celestial Soul Celestial Soul, which can be used against other players. Both Souls have 5 different steps.

You will receive the Oneiric Soul Oneiric Soul from a quest which you will get with Level 30.

The Celestial Soul Celestial Soul is only available from the World Boss.

Both souls can be upgraded to the next level with a Soul Parchment Soul Parchment or with aSoul Parchment (100%) Soul Parchment (100%). The Soul Parchment Soul Parchment is similar to an ordinary Blessing Scroll Blessing Scroll.
The Soul Parchment (100%) Soul Parchment (100%) too, but the upgrade has a 100% chance of success. Soul Parchment Soul Parchment are available in various dungeons.

The following materials are also required for upgrading:

  • to Step 2: 5x Red Herb Red Herb (Orc-Maze, Monkey Dungeon)

  • to Step 3: 10x Blue Herb Blue Herb (Devil Tower, Devils Catacomb, Beran-Setaou)

  • to Step 4: 15x Green Herb Green Herb (Razador & Nemere)

  • to Step 5: 20x Purple Herb Purple Herb (Orc Dungeon, Jungle Dungeon, Desert Catacombs)

All souls have a default duration of 8 hours. As soon as the time of your soul is over, you need an elixir to refill it. You can use the following elixirs for this: